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BE ART you become Art

A MARNALI BE ART you become art

a gift for eternity...

With Marnali BE ART you will be art you will definitely be remembered.

Design your own work of art together with Mrs. & Mr. Marnali Become art and give away a unique piece, as unique as the people in your heart.

How it works:

The way to your MARNALI BE ART art picture is short.

The possibilities are endless - whether a portrait, a family photo or a collection of the recipient's favorite hobbies or icons - Mrs. & Mr. Marnali make it possible.

Send us your picture templates, wishes and ideas and we will implement them creatively.


From the personal photo shoot (possibility depending on where you live), to the design, to the screen printing and the final design of the work, you are fully involved in every step and can incorporate change requests at any time.

Did you expect something else? Hopefully not, after all it's about your personal MARNALI BE ART work of art!


Choose your desired design. You can get inspiration from our homepage ( to get ideas.

You are also welcome to email us a reference image or ideas.

Now the artists Mrs. & Mr Marnali take over the creative process and create the first draft. In close cooperation, we keep you constantly up to date, so that your suggestions and wishes can be incorporated at any time during the development process.

The draft will be optimized until you are completely satisfied with the result of your masterpiece.



In principle, all wishes can also be implemented here. Our standard sizes are 80x100cm, 100x120cm, 140x160cm and 180x200cm. Other sizes and special dimensions are available on request.


Screen Printing & finishing

Once the final digital BE ART art picture is ready, we start with mixed media, screen print your individual work of art on aluminum in the size you want. Afterwards, the final details are added upon request and after detailed consultation. Real Swarovski crystals and details highlighted with epoxy and other stylistic means give your masterpiece the finishing touch before it makes its way to your home.

Styles, styles, styles

From tried and tested classics to modern pop art, you will find everything with us. We design your picture exactly according to your explicit ideas. Why are we so sure about that? Because we respond exactly to you and your wishes! We have experience from many BE ART art images! There is hardly a better proof of our work than works that have already been created by satisfied customers. Convince yourself. Here you will find some of our BE ART pictures.

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